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Computer Spiele Museum.

Global Integrated campaign fot the 20th aniversary of the Computer Spiele Museum of Berlin..

Computer Spiele Museum of Berlin..


Berlin's video game museum has a mission: to promote interest in the history of video games. So we created a way to get the public interested in the incredible evolution of video games.
We created a 2KB video game for ZX Spectrum and looked for different ways to distribute it by appealing to our audience's nostalgia for the 80s. We used obsolete methods from the pre-internet era, ranging from radio spots broadcasting the game's details, to posters and press ads with the code, to a physical cassette that was sent to influencers and even a museum installation.
Not everyone has a ZX Spectrum at home, so we developed a website to work like a microcomputer from the 80s. Smartphones became old cassette recorders and their microphones became the loading mechanism.

case study

The Cassettes

Players could also enjoy an interactive guide filled with Easter eggs that would reward them with exclusive visits to the museum. We sent a cassette with the two games to journalists, bloggers and social media influencers including a cover created by Mark Ericksen, the legendary video game illustrator of the 1980s.

The prints

We created press announcements and posters with video game`s code that could be entered directly into a ZX Spectrum in order to play the game, just like the 80’s.


And because history deserves to be preserved over time, we have installed a permanent exhibit in the museum. It broadcasts the game continuously on a shortwave FM frequency so that visitors can download and play the two video games.