NBL* Anibal Estrella

The e-tron room.

Awareness integrated global campaign.



Our creative team dreamed up a killer idea for a branded experience: the e-tron room.
The aim was to show off the tech behind Audi's first electric car and take teams of visitors on a wild ride through a thrilling story filled with challenging puzzles using cutting-edge tech like a robotic arm, kinetic balls, 360 projection mapping, a laser labyrinth, and all sorts of cool gadgets, all while following a main story line.

case study

An immersive interactive experience

Projection mappings

The projection mapping visuals, illustrated by Blit Studio and brought to life by Alca Films, perfectly captured the high-tech and futuristic vibe of the overall concept.


The website was the go-to spot for people to sign up for the experience. User Leads could secure their spot by completing some fun interactive puzzles and challenges. Once the campaign launched, all the spots filled up on the same day.