NBL* Anibal Estrella

The e-tron room.

Awareness integrated global campaign.



As a creative team we came up with an ambitious branded experience idea: the e-tron room.
The goal was to introduce the technology behind Audi’s first electric car while immersing teams of visitors into a thrilling living story full of tricky challenges involving high end technology such as a robotic arm, kinetic balls, 360º projection mapping, laser labyrinth and loads of high techs following a main story line.

case study

An immersive interactive experience

Projection mappings

The projection mapping visuals designed by Blit Studio and animated by Alca Films reflected the essence of the high technology conceptual approach of the idea.


The website was the main reservation platform for users register to the experience. Users could directly make a reservation by completing a set of interactive challenges and puzzles. The reservation run out on the same day of launching the campaign.