NBL* Anibal Estrella

New Audi Q2 Model & FCB.

Global branded content teaser video for the prelaunch of the new Audi Q2 Urban SUV model..



It was a big moment - the launch of the sleek new Audi Q2 Urban SUV. And we wanted to do it right, so we dreamed up the #Untaggable concept to introduce it to the world. Our tagline, "Best things in life are impossible to define," echoed the message of the campaign - that the Q2 is something truly special, and can't be put into words. So, we put it to the test. We rounded up some of the best football players in the world and read out real user tweets about the Q2. And the result? They were just as #Untaggable as the car itself. The campaign was a hit and it was shared globally to all markets.